In the year 1992, a little table of Rice and Beans with other food stuffs was set.

The idea came from on man who wanted to help his little friends from EMOHA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA in Rivers state get a job.

Mr JAMES EZE IWEH, the founder of JAMEK INVESTMENTS NIGERIA LIMITED which later became a family business, took his friends from Port Harcout to Lagos when he (James) got admission in an Army higher institution to study accounting/ Administration.

He then set up a food stuff shop in the ikeja military cantonment mammy market for his young friend to manage. In 1993, a table shop of ₦ 3,500 was turned into ₦ 150,000.

By the last quater of 1994, the company grew to ₦ 1,200,000. At this time, the young soldier took to the advise of his lawyer uncle and got the company incorporated to a limited liability company.

In quest for foreign education, the founder continued his education in Europe.

In 2008, the idea of winery was incubated. Finally hatched in 2010 when NAFDAC, first approved their application and products.